Situated 25 minutes from downtown Chicago in Gary, Indiana—rich in history and industrialism in its own right—Gary Jet Center pushes the limits of a full-service FBO, providing comprehensive services that can accommodate any size of aircraft for all Chicago-metro traffic: from sports charter to leisure travelers and everywhere in between. This FBO has it all wrapped up in a brand-new, luxurious facility offering heightened privacy and accessibility with clear runways. Get out of the chaos and land with the best Chicagoland FBO—Gary Jet Center—for a quicker, easier, more secure experience. Discover more of what we have to offer.


110k square feet of heated hangar space with a 28 foot door accommodates any Chicago-bound corporate jet looking to hangar—the closest available amenity of its kind.





Designed with the pilot and passenger in mind, Gary Jet Center’s new beautifully-appointed facility offers modern convenience with classic customer service.

110k square feet of heated hangar space with 28 foot door height
8.3k square foot terminal
Breathtaking views of 9k foot runway
5 acres of ramp space
Glass-walled lobby seats 45 guests
Three crew rooms
Espresso Bar
Crew kitchen and laundry
Private phone and sleep rooms
Conference rooms for pilots and passengers
Professional, high-touch staff
Expedient service
No runway wait times
Catering coordination
Heightened privacy and security
Full, expert ground handling: fuel (Jet A, Jet A w/additive, 100LL, de-icing, freight, etc.)
On-site rental cars
Charter operations
Aircraft maintenance, including avionics
Aircraft management and acquisition
On field customer clearance


From the moment you make your reservation, our customer-centric concierge professionals take over, making themselves available for any request to make your stay as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Should you have any questions concerning Gary Jet Center’s offerings or Chicagoland’s attractions, contact our team anytime at 219.944.1210.

Gary Jet Center

25 minutes to downtown

no MDW chaos

heated hangars | 28 foot doors

no runway wait times

heightened privacy and security

new luxurious facility