Pilot-In Command CE525B (CJ3)

Job Description:

Pilot-In Command CE525B (CJ3)

Gary Jet Center, Inc. is seeking a qualified PIC candidate for a CE525B (CJ3) based at Gary/Chicago Airport (KGYY).  The aircraft is utilized for Part 91 Owner Operations as well as On-Demand Part 135 Charter.  The candidate preferably lives within 2 hours from KGYY.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Must be highly knowledgeable of the Company GOM, Flight Operations Manual, FAA Regulations, Flight Manuals, etc. and other instructions pertinent to his/her duties.
  • Responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight assignment.
  • Plans flight assignments and obtains briefing information regarding purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures, and special instructions.
  • Ensures aircraft is inspected, loaded, equipped, and manned for the flight assignment.
  • Supervises loading and distributing of cargo and passengers and determines that weight & balance is within the prescribed limitations per appropriate loading schedules, load computer, or applicable information and graphs contained in the Aircraft Flight Manual.
  • Operates aircraft at favorable altitude, considering turbulence, oxygen requirements, and comfort of passengers during flight.
  • Responsible to the Chief Pilot for the performance of all assigned duties involved in the safe and efficient conduct of flight assignments.

Certifications and Licenses

  • ATP Certificate
  • First Class Medical
  • Current US Passport
  • CE525 Type Rating required

Minimum Requirements

  • Total Flight Time: 3000 hrs.
  • Multi-Engine Land (MEL): 1000 hrs.
  • Pilot-in-Command (PIC): 2000 hrs.
  • CE525 Total Time: 250 hrs.
  • Instrument: 150 hrs.
  • Jet/Turbine: 500 hrs.

Benefits Package

Gary Jet Center, Inc. offers competitive salary, full benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance.  Additional benefits include 401(k) Savings Plan, Short Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and paid vacation.


Contact information

Gavin Cuaresma – Chief Pilot

Todd Bredar – Director of Flight Operations

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